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SO GOOD: An Ayurvedic approach to eating

Just off Carnaby Street at Kingly Court, you’ll find So Pure Café; an Ayurvedic eatery tempting Londoners with a myriad of colourful dishes designed to restore the mind-body balance and make you feel good.

Choose from tasty treats to take away, smoothies, juices and hot drinks - all perfectly balanced and filled with goodness. We celebrate pure, harmonious ingredients; fresh vegetables, fruits and pulses alongside natural fats, medicinal spices and gut friendly probiotics. Sounds good right?

Food is mindfully prepared each day. We believe that food cooked with compassion is all the more nourishing and while it may not be visible, if a little of that positive energy is passed on, all the better!

Expect to feel calm, balanced and restore vitality with good mood food.

So Pure Cafe Coconuts
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Created by Loretta Lee

So Pure Café is the delicious creation of Loretta Lee, qualified Natural Chef and Ayurvedic Diet & Lifestyle Consultant. Having spent years working closely with clients and making food recommendations she realised there were few eateries offering food that nourished the body by restoring equilibrium and satisfying all six essential Ayurvedic tastes.

So Pure makes it simple to reconnect the body and mind, with effortlessly delicious dishes bringing balance and clarity. We firmly believe mindfully prepared, seasonal food filled with nutrient rich, colourful flavours is key to feeling your best. This is honest, good mood food at its best.

Interested in understanding your unique Ayurvedic balance, Dosha type and how to maintain equilibrium?

Loretta offers personal consultations to help treat a range of complaints and enhance vitality.