Specific goals? Our unique programmes heal, restore and support optimum health. Please enquire for further details.



3 Day Restoration

A meditation plan to support you in de-stressing, releasing tension and negative energy held in the body and mind. Consider this your simple, at home retreat, with easy to follow meditation, nourishing recipes and food served alongside gentle yoga and stretching.



3 Day Kitchari Cleanse

A detox to balance body and mind – particularly good for calming stress, anxiety and tension. Each day will involve restorative yoga and a combination of balancing Kitchari and Detox tea recipes to soothe internally.


A concise cleansing and weight-loss plan to rid the body of toxic build up. Short periods of fasting are complemented by nourishing food, recipe plans, supplements and gentle yoga.

7 day detox


Skin Rejuvenation Workshop 

Gut health, sleep, stress and hormone imbalances can all manifest in the appearance of skin, causing premature ageing, excess oil, breakouts, acne, rosacea, rashes and dryness. By adopting an Ayurvedic approach to skincare, we readdress the balance inside and out to improve the overall health of skin. This is a two-part workshop introducing key principles and helping you create a personal plan.

Part 1
The fundamentals of purification of the skin and within

Part 2
Ancient skin cleansing techniques and skin care practises
(natural product package included)



Looking to instil Ayurvedic practices into your life? This is the perfect way to achieve optimum balance both your mind and body.

Loretta Lee brings the wisdom of this ancient philosophy to life in a refreshing way that will leave you glowing inside and out. Feel nourished as she works with you and your lifestyle to sustain the ultimate balance. The package includes:

  • A monthly 1 hr consultation and 30 minute follow up
  • A monthly supply of organic Ananda Superfoods Dosha Balancing Supplement powder 500g (worth £22.99)
  • A 20% all day every day discount at So Pure Cafe on the entire menu
  • Exclusive first hand invites to So Pure events, retreats, new seasonal menu tastings and supper clubs
  • 15% So Pure Ayurvedic Retreats (excluding treatments, flight and transfers)

£195 per month